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Dyanna is 20 years old. She is currently a nanny for a 3 year old and a 7 year old up in Sammamish. Her hobbies consist of walking/running 6 miles a day, the Mariners, Thunderbirds, and Seahawks.

Dyanna is very much looking forward to her family summer vacation this year where they will travel to Palm Springs, California. She is hoping to stay alive through the exit to change freeways in LA. "Dad will NOT be driving, anyone but him!"

Last year the family had a near death experience. Dad was in the far left lane of the freeway in LA, when he needed to be taking the exit on the far right side of the freeway. He veered all the way across the freeway, in LA traffic, to take the exit. They ended up between the two freeways, driving off a cliff.